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Sounds like that pond is right here in the room

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This new piece from Adrienne Herr, “Sounds like that pond is right here in the room,” arrives out of a procedural method Adrienne has been practicing within. To create this piece Adrienne read and recorded fragmented pieces of her writing, collaging the audio within an editing software. The final recording was then played back while she transcribed the layered audio into the resulting textual paragraph. 

Through this act of transcription, the piece mediates the distance between the audial and textual domains of speech.  The act of listening siphons the polyvocal, multitemporal recording into a single point in time. Giving a sense of linearity to the felt openness of the text. The writing almost begs to be redistributed as we imagine the many different iterations of this text the procedure could produce – different results based on what the ear picks up.

More of Adrienne’s experiments with documentation, sound, and poetry can be found on her website. Herr recently organized a sound poetry compilation, ”Thou who holds but owns not,“ organized on Bandcamp for TLTRPreß’s Juneteenth NAACP fundraising. Listen to the album, here

- Emily Costantino

Sounds like that pond is right here in the room

I can tell when I read it yeah what kind of distance from yourself you should keep yeah Jacky lived in Galveston I totally understand in her pots although underneath the leaves having read the sample in her bathroom each kind in a shell also that you say that now we played Jacky and this is too safe one might wonder what the first two days of life were like and more personal in a way how slowly we spent the night and time passed in these days like eternities she said it should be moving I thought Jacky was asleep thats also what I do beside me its an exciting way its kind of not how I think that are her and her property those crickets are making great sleep and thats humor I think she was 5 was killed by a container Jacky found out has got a jar is covered by and the way that she wants me is sort of the opposite of that keep moving spent the night it was deafening and yeah I think avoid to go by public transport kill a map is covered by a crosswalk will not be affected by a mall right here in the room manure it’s downright eerie and I feel really mutable in a lot of ways downright eerie light in the human soul right lonesome there wasn’t a human spit thunder reach hold crying to her over the video and she told me I needed twist ache peak slip hold glance doing something that I thought might kill a map covered by a crosswalk Yeah yeah that's what it is to shift weight from to know life again and to feel better like that meaning like you're normative about my work is the only work that I know there is not the right work I tell you not to worry to make physical things there was never any confirmed location our meeting is always by chance I think you to help me with this is the opposite of resigning into something that you're not attached to because it's exactly this attachment I wrote something down about being available we approaches thing the opposite of and alive never caught what I cannot ground in that kind of attention gives to the things that you’re writing about weight in rent of speak on know I would safely and every time we talk love the them the I respond to the always when in time there to perform that the now to end this emotionally I want we with work from world to feet difference why you say you don't want to work like you thought don't knew want need to believe in balance I have these communities standing that shoot like I think there is something important face by all about this directness and this availability shift this kind I took it used to things film me in any meanings part this? The to is to which was the we approaches thing and alive never caught cannot ground there to perform that the now to end this really personal about your dad and your mom and also its a little Jacky I had standing shoot shift this we got mired took it window used to things, film, me any meaning parts you and the world identifies what is outside of you and identifies you in turn I thought Jacky you in your experience or something like that one might wonder what the first two days said how I am those crickets its also like most relevant to you one does have to or perhaps might wonder that is how I call you who knows? laughs

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Instagram: @adriennenicoleherr


Adrienne Herr is an artist and writer drawing from documentary and experimental poetics. Her work is interdisciplinary and cross-form, often presented in multiple registers including audio, installation and participatory performance. Recent collaborations with Martin Kohout, Sanna Helena Berger, and Cecilie Nørgaard.

Icon image is a film still by Mark Hernandez

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