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A weekly, collaborative journal harvested from the fields of isolation.
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A weekly, collaborative journal harvested from the fields of isolation. 
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Featured Artists:

Black Creek

Poetry by:

Black Creek I

My mother once

  Spent three weeks in her


    And never once came down to the creek

        Never twice swore an oath

    And only 3 times drank water

Strong as the minnows

     Swimmin and slitherin between her toes

     A boy wading through handshakes

Black Creek III

You ever seen that dust carry a sound

Like the dull thud of a

Sledgehammer laying heavily a

Railroad cross tie longing to

Ferry both children or iron or


And Mama with her steel wand ringing the triangle

Found no one come a calling

Cause we were swimming in Black Creek - that’s his name

I swear

One time Papa Doodle told a story about Black Creek

Because he liked to tell stories and dirty jokes

He say they called the swimmin hole

Forty Foot.

Because they dropped a 40ft pole down there and

Never found the end and

      Maybe the bed ate that pole as we want to

            Eat in beds

But anyway his buddy


Came up from Forty Foot with about 40 baby moccasins

     Dangling from his tiny body

So they fished him out and spat names names at the water a little less

     Lasting than

   Black Creek


Black Creek V

Yesterwind felt like chasing that dog with

                           No tail

Her name was Lady

              And she definitely had the mange

      Tiddies done been used up cause she


But I loved her as such so we’d still toss a tussle

And when she sat down to the water

                     We all listened

                            Like we was in private school

Black Creek VI

One time I about cut my thumb off in Dovesville

        But if you’re askin round they call it


                 Out there

I was whittlin a stick probably to make a sharper stick

                   Cause we all just achin to be a little

                                     More sharp

But I damn sure about took that thumb off

  And I damn sure made a mess of that kitchen

      And Momma damn sure took me to the ER in that

                     Cheap one piece costume

               Worn because boys like to play dress up too

                    And worn because it got so damn hot

                                            In the summer

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I was born of a southern hairdresser who lost her mind after a third divorce, maybe because I was the only man who really loved her. She spent enough time talking for me to become a great listener. Both of my grandpas were truck drivers. One taught me dirty jokes too young, and the other couldn’t teach me to whistle. I’ve spent my life trying to figure out what city I belong to, and I’m still on the hunt, I think. I scowl when I’m thoughtful. I have a hard time finding a dog that doesn’t want to be best buddies. I fight myself to be productive. I read fantasy novels to escape. If given the option, I’d probably put an egg over every meal.